A romantic getaway could be just what you and your lover need. There are tons of local establishments that allow you to enjoy romance, fun, and so much more for an evening, weekend, or longer. What can you do to spark the romance with your lover during this awesome getaway?

Lodging Needs

You’ll need a place to stay while in Lake George on your romantic excursion, but do not choose a boring hotel for your lodging needs. For most romantic getaways, lake george ny cottage rentals are the best place to stay. They’re cozy, quaint, and comfortable and include all the amenities needed for a memorable time with your lover. And, they’re often times secluded, adding to the romance.


lake george ny cottage rentals

A romantic restaurant, ice cream, or even a picnic are a few of the ideal ways to enjoy a little fun with your lover. For most couples, an agenda filled with a few different activities is best.  Flirt, get touchy-feely, and otherwise enjoy the time you have to spend with the most important person in your world.


No Lake George trip is complete without a few sightseeing adventures scheduled into the agenda. There is always time to get out and about and enjoy the town. What would you like to see and do while in town? There are limitless ways to turn your favorite attractions into romantic escapes. Plan accordingly.

Every couple needs time to enjoy one another’s company in order to keep the sparks alive in their relationship. But, we all lead busy lives and that’s sometimes not as easy to do as we’d like. Plan time; make time. It’s important to lead these dates with the person whom you’ve given your heart to; make them count and make your love last forever!