In order to keep costs low on rent or if you are looking to make some extra money by renting out a room or other piece of real estate people will take on a roommate or tenant.  This person if accepted will be living on the property, have access to certain areas and will be paying money for the privilege.  To find the best person, the process of tenant interviewing gaithersburg md is done.

What can you ask?

When it comes to interviewing a possible tenant there are several questions you can ask.  These questions can be general in nature and only focus on if they would be a good fit.  Different states have specific rules that are allowed to prevent against discrimination.  Make sure to check with your state before asking questions.

What you can’t ask

When it comes to questions you can’t ask, these refer to questions about race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or anything that could be used as discrimination merit.  Don’t ask any leading questions or any questions that can be mist rued or could make someone uncomfortable.  Asking a female if she is married, or is dating can be viewed as an inappropriate question. 

Criminal activity is also a questionable question to ask as well.  Background and financial and credit checks are allowed by low in most states but asking right out if someone were a criminal isn’t a good idea.

Drug use is also not allowed.  Making a statement that drugs and other illegal activities are not allowed and making statement of repercussions is acceptable as long as accusations are not made.  Stating conditions that don’t infringe on established rights is not allowed but enforcing the consequences of illegal activity is viable.

tenant interviewing gaithersburg md

When going through the interview process just go with simple basic questions.  Follow the rules of law in your vetting process and go with your gut.  If for some reason you just don’t get a good vibe then take appropriate action.  Otherwise welcome them to the building and see how it goes.