Top Features Of Your New Home

When making a decision on where we live there are hundreds of questions that go through our minds as well as a slew of options that we need to consider.  For many of us we focus on one to two options that are most important to us.  However, we may be overlooking some very vital information that could mean the difference between living in one location verses another.  When asking a real estate agent virginia beach va these questions here is what we were told.

Buying vs renting

When money and credit are an issue these may affect your ability to either buy or rent your home.  Before looking for a place to live, look at your credit and then see what would be your best options.  Then, decide on the length of stay, are you looking to setup roots for years or are you just looking for something to get you by?  These will all play into your decisions.

Schools and amenities

When looking for a new home schools and other amenities are important.  If you have children you will want to know what school they will be attending.  If you are alone or even if you have a family you want to know what is available for you to do.  Is there a Walmart or a park nearby?  What about a Gym or maybe even the ocean.


Legally information about your neighbors can’t be disclosed but using simple Google searches and sex offender registries will allow you to get a feel as to who else is in the neighborhood.  Is it a high crime area or is it pretty quiet? 

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Do you like dogs?  What about cats?  When it comes to animals you either love them or hate them.  Learning about what animals are in the area may also influence your decisions in to where you live and where you don’t.

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